Face Mask - Rose + Coconut

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Soothing rose and nourishing coconut milk come together in this face masque to bring your skin the hydration it needs, with the natural ingredients you love. This holistic skinfood masque is perfect for sensitive skin types as it dissolves impurities without drying out the skin.
• Can be used as a gentle antiseptic to remove dirt and oil due to the fatty acids that make up the coconut milk.

• The fine milled oatmeal ingredient in this formula will bring relief for dry/sensitive skin and restore balance while removing any discomfort.

• Will gently exfoliate and elevate your skin’s natural vibrance.

• Contains antioxidants from rose petals that will help protect your skin from cell damage.

• To dilute pour 1 teaspoon of Rose + Coconut Face Masque into a small bowl and add drops of water slowly until you reach desired consistency.

• Apply to face, allowing skin to be nourished for 25 minutes for maximum moisture. 

• Rinse gently with warm water.

• Use once per week preferably at night for ultimate hydration and a glowing complexion. 

Love, Coconut Milk, Organic Coconut Pulp, Rosehip Powder, Hibiscus Flower, Organic Pink Rose Petals, Rose Clay, White Clay (Kaolin), Almond Powder (Milled) Whole Grain Oats Fine Milled (Avena Stativa) and Organic Vanilla Beans.   

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