Timing for orders can vary. We strive to fulfill and ship orders within 48 hours of receipt.

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All of our products are made using natural ingredients sourced from high quality providers. To not compromise the quality of the product and maintain freshness, products are made to order and in small batches. Some products may be out of stock for longer periods of time depending on seasonality.


We recommend following this simple skincare routine to achieve the best results.
1. Start your skincare routine with a cleansing oil
2. Follow with a face mist to tone and soothe
3. End with a moisturizing oil, if needed

All of our products are made from natural ingredients, using only plant-based preservatives. When handled with care, most of our products will last between one to two years. Please see below for additional information regarding specific products.
Oils last about 6 months after opening if handled with care. Ensure bottles are closed tightly after each use. Avoid leaving product in moist environments or areas likely to get wet like your shower. This product can last about two years before opening.
Masks - Our masks do not contain synthetic preservatives. They’re made using only plant-based preservatives. Products that contain honey, a natural preservative, can last about two years or more before opening and one year after initial use.
Our loose leaf teas can last about two years before opening and one year after initial use.

Our knowledgeable customer care team is prepared to answer any questions you have regarding product use and suitability. Please call xx-xxx-xxx and leave a message to get in touch with us.