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Introducing Silky Rose!

Considered one of the most exquisite and therapeutic essential oils in the world, Bulgarian Rose Oil delivers amazing anti-aging, anti-bacterial, rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory  benefits for the skin, as well as important natural skin nourishment and hormone balance. 

Our Bulgarian Rose Otto is sourced for the purest and highest quality and is known as the Queen of oils.


May Fight wrinkles - Boosts Collagen & Regenerate

It’s no surprise that Rose Oil typically makes the list of top anti-aging essential oils. It stimulates blood circulation and stimulates collagen production.  Pure Rose Oil has been used for centuries for its beautifying properties. One of its most important properties is that is helps skin stay fresher and younger. 

Pure Rose Oil helps diminish signs of aging and slows down the free radical damage. (Free radicals cause internal damage to the skin tissue, which results in wrinkles, lines and dehydration.) 

These natural qualities of Rose Oil makes it especially beneficial for dry, combination, mature and sensitive skin. It enhances natural skin glow and radiance and helps with superficial broken capillaries and scars, as well as eczema and rosea. 

Furthermore, Rose Oil moisturizes and purifies skin by pulling toxins out of its outer layers.

Bulgarian Rose Oil in particular continues to be adored for its holistic effect on the skin, working to soften, hydrate, calm inflammation and prevent blemishes.

Inhaling the aroma of rose oil has a therapeutic, calming effect on the nervous system which means that adding the use of Rose Water Face Mist throughout the day is amazing for your mindset as well as it is for your skin.

Bulgarian Rose Oil, in particular has strong anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce Rosacea and soothe irritation; all while giving you a glowing complexion.  It is an excellent choice for those looking to clear pores and decrease breakouts (acne).   

It has anti-inflammatory, cooling and soothing properties which can help with stress-related conditions. Rose Oil is also able to soothe and protect the skin from future irritations. 

Our Bulgarian Silky Rose may be used for treating broken capillaries and scarring to help skin tone appear more even.  Rose Otto can also promote healthy skin cell growth to strengthen and smooth the skin.   


Rose Oil is actually known as the “feminine oil”, as it is believed that it can help balance hormones and alleviate the skin symptoms associated with these imbalances. This makes it great to use when your skin is suffering from those monthly problems and it’s in need of some rejuvenation and care. 


Finally, one of the most important qualities of Rose Oil is that it increases skin’s permeability, meaning that when our Silky Rose (Bulgarian Rose) is added to your skin it helps absorb the nutrients. 

 Silky Rose penetrates the skin deeper than any cream.  This magical royal Corazon product does wonders for the quality of the skin as a whole. 

Rose Oil is one of the best oils to give you glowing, fresh, and youthful skin. The aroma keeps you charged and feeling happy. It is highly nourishing and anti-bacterial, and promotes healthy skin circulation, while preventing dehydration and skin infections. 

BEST FOR:  Combination, Anti-Aging, Dry, Dehydrated, Aging, and Mature Skin Types. 

ADDRESSES:  Dryness/Dehydration, Rough Texture, Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Hyperpigmentation.  

WHY IT WORKS:   While creams and lotions stay on the surface, face oils deliver nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin where skin issues start.  Chia Seed and Watermelon extract two Omega 3,6 and fatty acids, powerhouses and rich in Vitamin A, B & E help skin retain moisture and shield it from environmental toxins.  Baobab and Papaya seed oil help gently dissolve excess oil and impurities.  

HOW TO USE:  Warm 2-10 drops in the palm of your hands.  Use regularly day and night after cleansing and toning.  Apply drops onto clean face, neck and décolleté.  Gently massage into your skin with upward circular motions until absorbed.  Store in a cool, dark place.  

1fl oz. / 30ml


“I have been obsessed with facial oils for quite some time. They seem to have come back for great reason, even though they have been used over the centuries and in ancient times.  I love every single Corazon Product but I have a particularly close love for our Silky Rose. 

The Silky Rose blend was inspired by my love of the naturally intoxicating pure rose aroma that takes me back to my childhood and the love I most fondly had at such an early age for pink Roses."     

Cecilia Berkley - Founder

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