Organic Brahmi

Raw Bacopa Monnieri (also known as Bacopa Monniera or Brahmi) is the best herb to increase memory naturally without side effects. Recent scientific studies show that Bacopa Monnieri (Brahmi) supports both short and long term memory function as well as enhances learning, concentration, and healthy function of the nervous system. Special alkaloids in Bacopa Monnieri called bacopasides help nourish and increase the coordination of brain neurons combating mental fatigue and leading to increased concentration and stamina. Bacopa is not only useful against common everyday forgetfulness, but many students use it to help boost memory function during exams. When used for this purpose, it is optimal to start taking bacopa 1 month prior to the exam.
Organic raw Bacopa Monnieri also has antioxidant properties which support cardiovascular health. Raw Bacopa Monnieri is also used to improve respiratory function and may increase thyroid hormone levels. It has also traditionally been used to alleviate symptoms associated with anxiety. Bacopa Monnieri has been used in the Ayurvedic system of medicine for centuries and is considered a complete natural remedy for the mind.
Bacopa Monnieri is an organically grown perennial herb whose habitat includes wetlands and muddy shores. It can grow 10" to 20" high and produces white or bluish flowers. Bacopa has the ability to grow either on the ground or under water and is often times used as an aquarium plant. Bacopa Monnieri is harvested in the fall and milled into a fine powder that is best known as Brahmi and is widely used in India.
● Boosting memory
● Supporting healthy function of the nervous system
● Combating mental fatigue
● Encouraging healthy respiratory function
● Promoting a healthy cardiovascular system
● Enhancing concentration & learning